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November 2021


How can I properly protect my liver?

November 30, 2021

Water plays a crucial role in protecting the liver

Besides keeping us healthy every day, water helps protect our liver as well. Besides hydrating the body, drinking water boosts the body’s metabolism, increases the flow of blood and the rate at which toxins are eliminated from the body, and lessens the load on the liver. Regularly hydrating your body with warm water is recommended every morning.

Liver health starts with diet

The liver can be burdened more by an unbalanced diet that is consumed on a daily basis. A fatty liver is caused by an unbalanced diet, so consume foods that protect your liver, such as corn, kelp, apples, milk, onions, etc. In this way, they can burn up excess fat and deny it the chance to attach itself to a healthy liver.

Exercise to help nourish the liver

The liver benefits greatly from exercise. You can reduce your chances of developing fatty liver and keep your weight in a healthy range by regularly exercising. When you have fatty liver, you can choose to do appropriate exercises such as jogging, cycling, and other aerobic exercises, but you should be careful not to overdo it.

Sleep helps detoxify the liver. Sleep is very important for liver health, and some people stay awake during the day and night for a long time, which is not good for liver health. Nutrition experts believe that the period between 11am and 1pm is the peak period for liver detoxification. If the body is not asleep at this time, liver detoxification cannot be maintained and this will impair the normal function of the liver in the long run. So if you want to protect your liver, it is advisable to arrange your sleep time wisely. 

Those who drink alcohol often and are concerned about their liver’s health should improve their daily routine. In addition to taking appropriate antidote pills after drinking alcohol, they should drink glucose, which can help to relieve alcohol better and also prevent irritation to the liver; they can also take oral liver protection at any time of the day. You need to start your daily routine properly if you drink a lot and want to take better care of your liver. You should drink more water after you drink alcohol in your daily life, which can help to dilute the alcohol, and if you feel your health is poor, take some liver protection tablets. By taking liver protection tablets, patients can take direct care and can also reduce the pressure on their liver. If you need any medical help, you may have to consult with 陸醫師 about professional knowledge in liver protection. …


How To Pick The Right Career For You 

November 29, 2021

Nevertheless, the definitions of passion, goal, and success are different for each individual. To find the most suitable job, you need to first identify its definition for yourself. Understanding yourself, your needs as well as the non -negotiable things in your life can help in filtering career choices. Before looking for an outside job opportunity, turn your attention inside yourself and ask these four important questions:

Again, whatever it is, the definitions of passion, goal, and success are different for each individual. To find the most suitable job, you need to first identify its definition for yourself. Understanding yourself, your needs as well as the non -negotiable things in your life can help in filtering career choices. Before looking for an outside job opportunity, turn your attention inside yourself and ask these four important questions:

Inspirations: What Inspires You?

First of all, identify the interests and activities you enjoy doing. Instead of focusing too much on company profile, salary or position, consider the things that give you happiness and a sense of purpose first. Start by thinking about how you want to spend the weekend. For example, if you like to fill your free time by participating in volunteer activities, you can choose a career that has a positive impact on society. If you are interested in sports, perhaps a career involving sports equipment could be an option.

Understanding your interests can help deepen your personality, character, and activities that inspire you. From there, you can define objectives or goals for career development that can meet your goals. Ultimately, hobbies or interests can be a catalyst to career choice.

Motivation: What Is Your Motivation?

While a competitive salary is a good reason to accept a job offer, however, understanding the factors that drive you more than salary is also important. Ask yourself the following questions:

Challenges Or Routine Work: Do You Love New Challenges, Or Doing Routine Work?

How important is it to find a company that has the same goals and values ​​as you?

Identifying priorities can help in charting the steps toward the best career for you. When priority is given to comprehensive work experience over salary, the tendency to work somewhere for long periods of time will increase. Calculate what is important to yourself and what inspires you to be your best version. From there, you can choose a career that makes you excited to wake up every morning.

Choose Which One Of The Occupation

There are lots of following lists of jobs that you can choose from; teacher, doctor, technician, architect, clerk and many more jobs you could ever imagine. Like you could even work in an IT support company Malaysia. If you are into IT, then this could be one of your jobs. 

In Conclusion 

Whether it’s to support a family, build a career, or save money for the future, every job seeker has different goals based on their current position in life. If you love your work, you wouldn’t feel like working for the rest of your life. Find a job that you feel comfortable or happy to work in. This is because you are going to be working for most of your life. Plan your life properly.…


Heavy Rain in Malaysia

November 22, 2021
Gutter Malaysia

Malaysia faces heavy rain once or twice every year due to the monsoon season. According to the geography of Malaysia, there are two monsoon wind seasons. One is the southwest season starting from late May until September and another one is the northwest season which occurs from October to March. Hence, Malaysia is surrounded by the equator and south china sea making it harder to have a real dry season like summer for example. 

The Northwest season brings a lot more heavy rain compared to the southwest season as it originated in China and came down slowly towards the north side. Both peninsular and insular Malaysia lie at the same tropical latitudes and are affected by the same airstreams. This type of climate change really does leave an impact towards some people in this country. During the monsoon season, heavy rainfalls usually occur and this badly affects the local fisherman and farmers as their sources of income are put on hold until the season passes by. Apart from that, flash floods also happen in certain areas and may lead to some serious accidents and injuries. 

Other than that, the tropical rains usually occur during the afternoon until evening, mainly in the form of downpour and could also turn out to be thunderstorms. However, the weather are quite good in the morning and there were no shortage of sunlight for the plants to process their photosynthesis and living things including humans to start their day. The heavy rain usually happens in southwestern Sarawak and Northwestern Sabah. Not to forget the east side of the peninsula was also the most affected by this monsoon season. Therefore, the weather conditions in Kuala Lumpur are a bit different compared to others. Kuala Lumpur stays humid almost all the time. Kl does experience occasional rainfall but not as much as other states.  

Gutter Malaysia

With the occurrence of this monsoon season and heavy rainfalls each year, the structure of the Malaysian house are specifically designed to handle and prevent any soils from loosening due to the heavy downpour. This is where the ‘Gutter’ plays an important role at your house. The gutter helps in diverting the rainwater from the roof of your house into the public drainage. One thing that needs to be considered is the gutter material. The B304 Stainless-steel are the best gutter in Malaysia. Pros, it will not rust like any other types of gutter and can also be customized with a variety of sizes. Cons, it is expensive. But when it comes to safety and precautions, money doesn’t matter.  

Even though the Malaysian people live in this kind of situation and weather condition, they would all still be able to adapt with this kind of environment that occurs every year and has become their part of life. …


How to design a satisfactory laboratory?

November 10, 2021

Laboratories are the collective name for a variety of scientific research and testing facilities in modern society, where people working in laboratories are either researchers or testers, and they need a variety of supporting systems to fulfil their experimental needs. Therefore, we start by analysing the components of a satisfactory laboratory in terms of meeting the needs of the people who use it.

The laboratory has a high quality feel to it, but the laboratory design Malaysia is very complex and the safety management in use is very important. When it comes to a laboratory to be involved in professional systems, you have to consider laboratory furniture, laboratory decoration, laboratory water and sewage, laboratory pure water, laboratory waste water treatment, laboratory lighting outlets, laboratory instrumentation and equipment distribution, laboratory backup power, laboratory ventilation and exhaust, laboratory fresh air, laboratory air conditioning, laboratory purification system, laboratory air system, laboratory security monitoring, laboratory intelligent system and so on.

The most essential elements of a satisfactory laboratory are a good flow of work and rational zoning.

From the receipt and storage of samples, to the separation, weighing and pre-treatment of samples, to the analysis of physical, chemical and precision instruments, as well as the accompanying washing and drying, these are all aspects that need to be taken into account in a rational laboratory design process and partitioning, in addition to the flow of logistics and the flow of dirt.

It is not enough to have a good flow, you also need a good working environment. The working environment is simply how the air quality in the room is. Those who have spent time in laboratories know that there are many chemical reactions and tests in laboratories and that all kinds of chemicals can be found inside the laboratory.

For a variety of organic and inorganic gases to be produced in the experimental process, where a good laboratory design should be noted, it is necessary to consider how to discharge these polluting gases. The ventilation system is directly related to the health of all laboratory personnel, ventilation systems including fume hoods, atomic absorption hoods, universal exhaust hoods and so on, and the end of the control, fan frequency, adjust the valve intelligence, these are the basic configuration of modern laboratory ventilation systems. With good exhaust air, there is also a need for a timely supply of fresh air, and a fresh air system is a powerful supply of fresh air for the laboratory.

Once we have the above elements in place, the laboratory is one step closer to being satisfactory and now all that is needed is a laboratory package. Experimental operations will encounter water and sewage systems, this is very painful for those who often occur in the laboratory drainage blockage. A smooth drainage system is the guarantee of long and stable work in the laboratory. And the laboratory’s discharge of wastewater, in the event of a leak, can contaminate the ceiling and damage the instrumentation, causing significant damage.

Finally, with regard to laboratory safety monitoring, safety management has become increasingly important with the various laboratory safety incidents that have occurred over the years. This includes the control of dangerous reagents, access control and swipe records for personnel entering and leaving, video recording of sample collection and storage, and monitoring the use of precision instruments, all of which need attention in laboratory management.…