5 Ideas To Get Inspired For Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island

February 24, 2021

Who hasn’t heard of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This adorable little game took the world by storm just last year, with a release that fortuitously coincided with one of the worst debacles to ever rock 2020 – the covid-19 pandemic. As we remained sequestered at home, desperately trying not to give into our anxiety about the lockdown and the looming virus, Animal Crossing: New Horizons became many a person’s own personal refuge – a cute, quirky island filled with adorable villagers and customizable things you could do. What’s not to love? 

The sheer amount of customization and terraforming you could do in this newest installation of the franchise turned out to be ACNH’s biggest strength. All throughout the beginning of last year, you could see videos and social media posts cropping up as people proudly shared their fantastically decorated islands; terraformed and furnished to utmost perfection. For some people, they look at their islands and know immediately what perspective and theme they’re going for. But for others – we can get stumped. And for that, we need a little inspiration. 

So for those of us who aren’t as sure how we want to decorate our ACNH islands, here are a few tips to find inspiration! 

1. Look At The Items You Have On Hand 

As long as you’re not looking for a specific item, ACNH items are quite easy to procure by the number due to the sheer amount of places you can receive them. For example, gift boxes may drop at random from the sky, recipes can wash up in bottles by the beach, and Nook’s Cranny, the place where most in-game shopping and selling takes place, changes the items they sell everyday. Eventually, you’re bound to have collected a huge arrangement of different items – and this can be a starting point for what kind of theme you’re looking for in your island. 

ACNH items tend to have themes and series’ to them, too. For example, you could look at the garden chairs and opt for a more rustic, countryside aesthetic; or you may have a random imperial partition that looks as though it were made by the best folding partition manufacturers in Selangor that will later inspire you to make a Chinese-themed island. Either way, your current items can serve as good jumping points for the theme you eventually decide! 

2. Think About Your Favorite Aesthetics 

All-in-all, an ACNH island is completely yours to decide and create – so obviously, the aesthetics should also be decided and appeal completely to you. 

To really be happy with your ACNH island in whatever you decide to create, you need to think about what aesthetics make you, personally, happy. Do you prefer dark and gothic looks? Cute and pastel colors? Japanese-inspired? Or even scary, horror aesthetics? With the sheer amount of different items and customization options in the game, it’s quite possible that whatever aesthetic you love and envision, you can recreate it in some way on your island – so look inside yourself, decide your favorite aesthetics, and make them come true! 

3. Look Up Islands On Social Media 

Nowadays, the ACNH tag on various social media is likely full to bursting with people all sharing their beautiful islands for the world to see. There are tons of islands, in all sorts of styles and aesthetics – and among them, you’re bound to find inspiration for your own island theme! 

This is not to say you should copy a person’s island item by item, and try to claim their designs as your own. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by certain islands, or even uploading some designs that other people make to use on your own island – but troubles do arise if you use a design or copy another part of a person’s island completely and utterly perfectly, and then try to claim it online as your own creation. Designs in ACNH are their own type of art – and art theft isn’t cool, people! 
Either way – there are tons of ways to get inspiration for your own ACNH island, and tons of ways to customize your island and items to your vision. In this game, your island is your canvas – so execute all your beautiful aims to the best of your ability!

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