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What methods of food preservation are available?

October 26, 2021

Preserving food in hot weather is a major challenge. It is important to know not only how to eat food in the summer heat, but also how to preserve it to ensure food safety and retain as much nutrition as possible. It is also important to know how to store home cooked food to ensure that it is safe and retains as much of its nutrients as possible. Because improper storage It is important to know how to preserve food in the summer heat.

How to preserve food – leftovers

Dry leftovers in a clean container, crisper or plastic bag. Wrap them well and then put them in the fridge. Next time you take them out, heat them well. Fruit that you can’t finish should be covered with clean plastic wrap and cut off the top layer before putting it in the fridge.

Cryogenic preservation

Low temperature storage inhibits the reproduction of organisms and slows down the rate of spoilage, but it does not completely kill microorganisms. Care should be taken when storing at low temperatures to control the temperature. Generally speaking, the lower the temperature, the longer the preservation time.


Food is processed at high temperatures to kill most bacteria and enzymes. If treated with airtight, vacuum and rapid cooling, it can effectively delay spoilage and prolong the shelf life of food. For example, we often drink pure milk in bags, beer, pasteurised milk, etc.

Dehydration drying

Dehydration drying is the process of reducing the moisture in food to below a certain limit so that microorganisms are less likely to grow and multiply and enzyme activity is inhibited. Common methods of dehydration used in the home are sun drying, shade drying, heat evaporation or freeze drying, to name but a few. It is worth remembering that although sun drying is a simple method, a lot of vitamins are lost.

How to store eggs

Eggs in boxes are mostly cleaned, disinfected and coated before leaving the factory, which ensures the quality of the eggs and eliminates the need for cleaning, while eggs in bulk are generally not cleaned and should be gently wiped off with a clean cloth before being placed in a separate box in the freezer to avoid cross infection.

How to preserve meat

Pork, beef, lamb and poultry do not have the same protective mechanisms as vegetables and are susceptible to bacterial growth whether raw or cooked. The growth of bacteria can easily occur whether raw or cooked. Raw meat, in particular, contains a lot of bacteria, so it is better to heat it up to preserve it.…


Avoid These Foods And Beverages If You Don’t Want To Experience Another Gout!

February 23, 2021

Staying at home while dealing with your legal forex broker in Malaysia may lower the risk of virus spreading and infection, but having a gout is the last thing you’re going to endure during quarantine. It’s already difficult enough for you to walk around the house while limping because it affects your feet (and gout can affect other areas as well!), and it’ll be more of a nuisance when you’re going grocery shopping.

Gout is a painful form of arthritis that occurs when too much uric acid breaks down from purine, and it builds up and forms crystals in your joints. Any intake of food containing purine should be reduced to lower the risk of getting gout.

Here are the type of foods and beverages you should avoid from getting gout:

1)   Seafood

This particular food is among the common catalysts of forming gout because some seafood has higher purine content than others. The higher the purine is, the higher the uric acid produced, and the higher the risk of having a gout. Therefore, avoid intake of anchovies, codfish, haddock, herring, mackerel, mussels, roe, sardines, scallops and trout. If you’re a seafood lover, don’t be discouraged! You can take salmon as a better choice of seafood. Other than salmon, seafood with moderate amounts of purine such as shellfishes should be taken at limited amounts.

2)   Certain Types Of Meat

 Are you a meat-lover? Then you have to take it down a notch. Meat is also a high purine food that can cause major gout pain, like red meat, beef, lamb, and organ meats. However, you can take white meat and tofu as an alternative for gout relief.

3)   Sugary Drinks

Who could resist the sweet, strong sparkling taste of Pepsi? Unfortunately, you have to when you have gout. Study has shown that fructose-sweetened drinks can increase up to 85% risk of developing gout. Heavy fructose consumption, especially the artificial added ones, can elevated uric acid levels. Unless you consumed the naturally occurring sources of fructose like fruit, then the risk would be lesser. However, it’s best to not take it.

4)   Alcoholic Drinks

While alcoholic drinks carry a fair share of health complications, gout is one of them. Beers and grain liquors like vodka and whiskey is a big no for those with gout, according to a professor, Lona Sandon. The process of making these beverages coming from brewer’s yeast or another component in beer can cause a reaction which can trigger gout. If you still need a festive celebration, have a wine in moderation.

To sum up everything, avoid any purine-rich foods and maintain a healthy diet for your gout treatment. Losing weight can also help your gout symptoms, but be aware of the process, otherwise rapid weight loss can cause an increase of uric acid. Overall, the best foods to take are those with low in fat and sugar and high in fibre. Be safe than sorry and consult with your doctor for better improvement of your health.


The Advantages of Nonstick Pans and the Reasons to Use Them

September 15, 2022
non stick frying pan with lid malaysia

The age-old dilemma of whether to use less oil to make meals healthier or more fat to decrease the amount of time spent cleaning equipment has probably become second nature if you cook with stainless steel pots and pans. Using non-stick cookware, for example, gives you the best of both worlds: health benefits for your family, as well as time savings. Here, you’ll learn about the benefits of nonstick pans, as well as some persuasive justifications for why you should invest in them.

non stick frying pan with lid malaysia

A little amount of oil is all that is needed to create scrumptious food.

Using no oil in the preparation of a delicacy is an extremely unusual event. When you cook using non-stick cookware, you may get the same taste while using a lot less oil. The best non-stick pans include a coating made of an aluminum-based material that prevents food from sticking to the pan. The cookware doesn’t get stuck with food because of this finish. Choosing the non stick frying pan with lid malaysia is essential there.

Cleaning, laundering, and drying are simple.

Because of the substantial amount of oil that they gather throughout the cooking process, traditional cooking equipment are notoriously difficult to clean. When food doesn’t adhere to the surface of a non-stick pan, it is easy to use, clean and dry afterward.

Scratch-resistant surface material

Nonstick coating on the pan not only prevents food from clinging to it, but it also guards the cookware from scratches, which increases the item’s lifespan.

Nonstick pans are a must-have in any kitchen since they are both stylish and functional.

Stainless-steel pans that don’t stick to food offer a sleek and contemporary look. Because of this, the handles are made of heat-resistant material and ergonomically built to keep your hands safe as you cook. The aluminium pots are also lighter than copper and iron pots, making it easier for you to use them.

An equal distribution of heat is achieved throughout the device.

Cooking meals more quickly and using less fuel is only possible if the heat is distributed evenly around the pan. Non-stick tawas have a far better heat distribution than conventional cookware, which results in food cooking more slowly. Because it takes longer to heat and cool cast iron pans, cooking in them requires more time. Non-stick pans, on the other hand, distribute heat evenly, making cooking faster and using less gas and time.

Nonstick pans can’t be used to cook certain items, such as meat, fish, and poultry.

Stir-fried veggies need to be cooked quickly and at high temperatures to get a caramelised finish. The reason for this is because nonstick cookware have a reduced heat capacity, making it harder to sear steaks and burgers in them. You won’t be able to use your pan to sear foods like steak or burgers if the nonstick coating on it breaks down around 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

non stick frying pan with lid malaysia

Is it possible to create curry without using oil in a pan?

Cooking a curry does not need the use of any oil at all. It’s probable that you won’t receive precisely what you would in an Indian restaurant if you try this method at home. After frying, foods that become stuck to the pan will begin roasting on top of the pan. When the pan gets hot enough, something occurs. When using a pan with a nonstick coating, flavours may be brought to the surface that would otherwise be hidden by the coating.…


What do you need to do to have a better sex life?

February 5, 2022
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There are many aspects in life that need to satisfy so that you can lead a healthy and happy life. Sexual needs are also one of them. Healthy and happy sex life will complete the way you live your life. Sexual needs are always overlooked as something that is unnecessary or only done for pleasure. Apart from that factor, there are many benefits one can gain by having a healthy sex life. It needs 100% of your energy and effort from your side to have a happy sex life. Now, what you can do to improve your sex life?

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Get to know your likes and dislikes

Getting to know what you like in terms of your sexual preferences is important for you to keep a healthy sex life for you and your partner. If you are not in a relationship, masturbating will help you to improve the overall health of your body. Regardless of whether you have a partner or not, masturbating allows you to understand what your body wants in bed. You can improve the experience by using sex toys. Sex toys such as some dildos will be in the exact replica of the penis. You can find out different positions and moves you like with the sex toys. If you are want to experience the usage of sex toys, you can go to this website called Secret Cherry to purchase various types of sex toys according to your preferences and sizes.

Take care of your overall health

Yes! your body needs to be in a healthy state for you to enjoy the sexual pleasures. It is better to maintain your health by following some usual steps for a healthy body. You can start by eating healthy food and some food is known for improving your mood to sexual time. You can consume it by choosing the right ones. You can consult your doctors to make sure you are not allergic to the food. In addition, you can also reduce your smoking habits. This could largely affect your sex life. 

Talk to the experts

Some of you may have the desire to initiate sex or maybe have some troubles in having sexual intercourse. If you are facing any of these, you should talk to your doctors or experts in the sexual health field. Some of you may want to ask for any consent or doubts regarding your sexual life. Sexual health is also equally vital as overall body health, so if you are having trouble with any of these, you can consult the doctors without any hesitation. They are always there to help you. 

Protection is important

Unless you have future planning with your partner, it is always better to use protection while your sexual intercourse with others. The health of your body is important to be maintained and you have to remember that while you having sexual intercourse. Sexually transmitted diseases exist and there are many cases in history that you can find out. Hence, to avoid that, always use condoms to avoid unnecessary health issues.…


How can I properly protect my liver?

November 30, 2021

Water plays a crucial role in protecting the liver

Besides keeping us healthy every day, water helps protect our liver as well. Besides hydrating the body, drinking water boosts the body’s metabolism, increases the flow of blood and the rate at which toxins are eliminated from the body, and lessens the load on the liver. Regularly hydrating your body with warm water is recommended every morning.

Liver health starts with diet

The liver can be burdened more by an unbalanced diet that is consumed on a daily basis. A fatty liver is caused by an unbalanced diet, so consume foods that protect your liver, such as corn, kelp, apples, milk, onions, etc. In this way, they can burn up excess fat and deny it the chance to attach itself to a healthy liver.

Exercise to help nourish the liver

The liver benefits greatly from exercise. You can reduce your chances of developing fatty liver and keep your weight in a healthy range by regularly exercising. When you have fatty liver, you can choose to do appropriate exercises such as jogging, cycling, and other aerobic exercises, but you should be careful not to overdo it.

Sleep helps detoxify the liver. Sleep is very important for liver health, and some people stay awake during the day and night for a long time, which is not good for liver health. Nutrition experts believe that the period between 11am and 1pm is the peak period for liver detoxification. If the body is not asleep at this time, liver detoxification cannot be maintained and this will impair the normal function of the liver in the long run. So if you want to protect your liver, it is advisable to arrange your sleep time wisely. 

Those who drink alcohol often and are concerned about their liver’s health should improve their daily routine. In addition to taking appropriate antidote pills after drinking alcohol, they should drink glucose, which can help to relieve alcohol better and also prevent irritation to the liver; they can also take oral liver protection at any time of the day. You need to start your daily routine properly if you drink a lot and want to take better care of your liver. You should drink more water after you drink alcohol in your daily life, which can help to dilute the alcohol, and if you feel your health is poor, take some liver protection tablets. By taking liver protection tablets, patients can take direct care and can also reduce the pressure on their liver. If you need any medical help, you may have to consult with 陸醫師 about professional knowledge in liver protection. …


Striving For The Solo Lifestyle In Cyberjaya

August 25, 2021
cyberjaya real estate property
cyberjaya view

There are multiple universities in Cyberjaya, including Multimedia University (MMU), Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, and Asia Metropolitan University, as well as a variety of state-run and international schools in the city. Thus it makes an ideal spot for students or freshgraduates to live in such a modernized area. What exactly is there to offer? Keep reading to find out!

Every year, the Cyberjaya Multimedia Festival takes place in Cyberjaya. It’s aimed at a younger audience, including acts like Bittersweet, Azlan and the Typewriter, The Impatient Sisters, and NJWA. There are other mini-activities aimed to attract the hip crowd, in addition to the free movie screenings.

It’s okay if pop culture isn’t your As a result, Cyberjaya is a popular venue for outdoor marathons and duathlons. TwinCity Marathon in January 2020 is something you should keep an eye out for. Cyberjaya is also home to a number of weekend retail bazaars that are popular with families and bargain hunters alike.

As a result, we understand what you’ This is not the famed Cyberjaya Street Mall! We’re talking about legitimate retail malls! There was once a time when Cyberjaya’s Street Mall, with its bazaars and restaurants, was the place to be during lunchtime.

As DPULZE Shopping Centre and other outdoor malls like Shaftsbury Square and Tamarind Square have come on the scene, everything has changed. As a result of these three developments, homeowners now have access to a TGV theatre, Ace Hardware, Chatime, and even a GO Noodle House location.

In Cyberjaya, shopping during lunchtime has become a popular pastime thanks to the abundance of parking spaces accessible at all of the And because of the lack of traffic, one can simply zoom in and out of malls.

In Cyberjaya, which you may or may not be aware of, there is a 24-hour book- lover’s In Tamarind Square, you’ll discover a gigantic 37,000 sq ft BookXcess store with 500,000 volumes and a café.

There are no more excuses for not reading John Grisham’s latest novel when you wake up at night, plagued by the fact that you haven’t bought it yet. A lot of these books are on sale since BookXcess runs the popular Big Bad Wolf book sale.

There are plenty of food and café alternatives in Cyberjaya’s hipster projects such as Tamarind Square, which contributes to the city’s livability.

Cyberjaya is surprisingly green for a place that was formerly considered a wasteland by most people. For public amenities and vegetation such as public parks and lakes, 48 percent of the city’s 7,000 acres of land has been set aside.

Almost all of the roads in Cyberjaya have bicycle lanes, making it easy to get around by bike. Aside from that, the roadways include wide pedestrian paths that make it easy to get from one area to another.…


Advantages of Living in The City

June 28, 2021
Bandar Damai Perdana

Why should you consider living in a place like Bandar Damai Perdana, an urban place in the middle of the city of Kuala Lumpur? There are several benefits to this. Rural life can be boring and tedious for a young person who still finds life vibrant and likes living in the fast-lane. Rural and suburban places aren’t bad choices, however. They have their many tangible benefits, but there is something about the city that draws even the inhabitants of the quieter regions out. It is thumping heart beat of the country and here is why:

1.     Better opportunities

Like Bandar Damai Perdana, cities offer better opportunities for employment. There are several enterprises all lined up and ready to get through a stack of resumes to employ the young and enthused. There are several places to test out your new-found skills from school or learn new ones in a different industry. Not only this, but many cities offer educational courses that are readily available for anybody interested in increasing their job prospects or learning something new out of curiosity. You could enroll in an arts class, or, if you prefer sportier, fast-paced activities, go for martial arts or boxing. Try new hobbies like skating or yoga. The city is also a good place to start your own enterprises, with services like advertisement and branding agencies close by to assist you take your company to the next level. Living in the city is certainly an attractive ideal.

 Bandar Damai Perdana

2.     Entertainment options

When we think of the city we envision bright lights and colour. Entertainment is what they mean. The city brings a lot of entertainment options, with several malls offering several things. Restaurants are in abundance– fast-food chains, mamaks and high-end restaurants if you want a taste of the upper-echelon lifestyle. Shop at the best and most exclusive stores to hop onto the latest fashion trends. If you want a different experience, the city is splattered with museums, parks, galleries and other places to visit. You will never be bored with all the options that Kuala Lumpur offers you.

3.     Meeting new people

The city is also bursting with people and the chances of bumping into the same person are very slim, unlike in the suburban areas and the rural regions. This means that you have the chance to meet new people wherever you go and strike up conversations that could kindle the beginning of a friendship. There are several ways to meet new people. Try going to social spaces, like an art gallery or a museum, or perhaps join a book club where you can meet like-minded people and exchange ideas on the literature you have read. It is easy to network, as well, with business people you are interested in partnering with. And if one turns you down, don’t worry too much about it. You can simply get back up and offer your services to many other businesses who could find your work interesting and worth investing in.…


Rent a House in Beautiful Areas of Malaysia

April 20, 2021

Malaysia has numerous beautiful visiting places and residential areas that are ideal for every beauty lover. It has enchanting mountains, valleys, beaches, and towns everywhere. We love visiting Malaysia because of its attractive places and sceneries.  This country has an excellent industrial area, this country has very good sports grounds, this country has wonderful educational institutions and this country has very attractive towns which are ideal for living. When a country has such attractive things then this country has the most visitors. It has good visitors from outside of the country. It has a good number of students from outside of the country who arrive there for a good education. This country has the most job seekers who are from other countries.  When all these people will arrive in a country, they definitely will seek good residence at first. Good houses for families, apartments, and condos for the students and other people are very necessary. These people will have a residency on rent. Renting property in this scenario becomes very essential. Therefore investing in any area of Malaysia is very profitable. Investing in any town is very important. When we construct our houses then these houses can be used as renting property and with this we can earn good profit without selling it. Check out this link to find out more about the benefits of renting a property.

Help in Buying a Property in Malaysia as a Foreigner | The Choice

Rental property:

Commercial markets in Sunway Damansara, shops, markets places for sale and are also available on rent. Commercial markets are also very important in every town and city. Without a commercial market, we cannot run our household properly. Therefore commercial markets are also very important. A commercial market also has good shops on rent. Commercial property of renting is more advantageous and profitable for an owner than residential renting property.

Sunway Damansara property for sale:

Attractions for property sale and purchase include the location of the property, nearest cities of the property, facilities of commercial markets, water, and good residents. The property that has all these features is considered very significant and people love to invest and people love to dwell. Malaysia Has so many locations like that. It is, therefore, very profitable to invest in Malaysia.  There are many new towns which are taking place, investing in any of these towns may be very useful in the future. Sunway Damansara, Batu Caves, and Cheras are wonderful locations for buying property. These areas offer condos, beautiful houses, apartments, and other commercial property for buying.  Sunway Damansara house for rent suggests excellent houses and beautiful attractive apartments and houses are available in the area. Living in this area makes you happy because these areas have everything that is needed by a modern man. It has good Parks for kids, beautiful playgrounds for youngsters and sports lovers.

Houses for rent in Sunway Damansara are beautifully constructed which are very ideal for residency. These houses are available on manageable rents. This area has every kind of modern facility which is needed by every human being like, educational institutions, commercial markets, playing grounds, supermarkets, best foods in the restaurants, and wonderful contiguous buildings.


Housewarming gifts you can get someone

March 10, 2021

When you’re buying a new home, you’re pretty much in the red and you don’t have any furniture. Maybe your parents and siblings will buy you a piece of two to ensure your home is not bare empty and that you’ll have something to sleep on at night. Now that you’re buying a house warming a gift to someone, and you’re thinking what does someone need as a housewarming gift? It’s a confusing exchange and you would definitely want to give something more meaningful than overpriced flowers.  There’s a list of things you can get the person who’s moving into their new home and here is our list of some housewarming gifts you can get someone.

Parents Visiting Hispanic Daughter In New Home

The first thing you can get a new homeowner is a mini fridge. When they are starting out, they wouldn’t have much in their home besides a table and maybe some couches but be a good pal and get them a mini fridge. Some people would not have even thought of needing a fridge in the midst of buying a home. This way now they can have at least a way to preserve their food. If they already have one you can get them a wine cooler to cool their beverages and sometimes their food. They can also cool their wines and spirits if they are interested in drinking them.

Next, you can get the new homeowner paintings or framed art of some sort. Buying a home, doesn’t come with the interior design art in it. You can get some recommended by an interior design company in Malaysia. There you can find great mock pieces or any prints that can be sold. Some put no significance on art but the reality is art pieces have a great value and they make your home look  better than they appear.

Next you can also get the new homeowner a plant subscription box. Subscription boxes are everywhere these days and by giving your homeowner a subscription box, they’ll be able to add plants into their home. After down payments and putting on a closing payment on their home, they probably are broke or have lesser liquidity. You can give them a lending hand by giving them plants that they can’t afford to spend. This will make their home po in colour and it will also grow in time to trees to which they can enjoy in a few years.

Finally, when there’s a new homeowner, what they lack is plates and mugs. You can get the new homeowner some plates and cups as a gift. They will be grateful because in the housewarming party, it’s a possibility that most of you are eating out of plastic or paper plates. By doing so, they’ll be more inclined to having more guests around in the future. They also don’t have to fork out extra cash in the future for dining sets.

Now that you have a comprehensive list of what a homeowner needs, we hope you take our advice and give gifts that matter. Your gifts don’t have to be overpriced but they should matter as buying a home is a milestone. 

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Simple Things You Can Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

February 8, 2021

Simple Things You Can Do To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

I feel like living a healthier lifestyle should be encouraged more now than ever since we’re all battling a deadly virus. We, sort of, have to live healthier in order to avoid getting infected, or rather, to build a strong immune system so even if we do get it, it won’t affect us as badly. However, it is understandable that trying to live a healthier lifestyle or even trying to change any part of your life is difficult. It takes a lot of effort, commitment and perseverance. This is why most of us fail at any New Year’s resolution. It’s because it is a little bit hard for people to keep their mind set on one thing. Yes, most people are able to do it but a lot of people still struggle and it’s alright. What matters is that at least you’re trying.

But the key is after you’ve failed once, you have to get back up and try again. Again and again, until you make it. A fair reminder that when you’re attempting this, you have to remember to be a little easy on yourself. Not too easy to a point where you make an excuse for everything but just easy enough so you do not feel too burdened about trying to live a healthier life. For instance, be strict about sticking to your rules however it shouldn’t feel like you’re struggling or not having fun. So here are a few things you can do that are simple enough to get you healthier in no time.

Plan And Prioritize

First things thirst, you have to know what you’re aiming for. Determine a plan and an end goal first. What top online casino malaysia does is it sets your mind onto a certain path and it prevents yourself from straying from your goal. It’s similar to when you’re in a race and you see the finish line. When you see the finish line, it makes it easier to get there.

Try To Go On A Diet

A diet doesn’t mean eating salads and cutting off foods that you like just to lessen your food intake. Diets are different for every person because every person digests foods differently and whatever we eat will affect everyone in different ways. So a diet just means to incorporate healthier alternatives in your daily food intake. As an example, you could replace cooking oil with coconut oil or canola oil or like baking instead of frying so you can reduce oily foods from your daily food intake.

Do Simple Exercise

Exercising is not restricted to only going to the gym or doing serious exercise routines. It can also be simple chores to do around the house or going for a walk. Anything that can get you moving will be helpful to you in the long run. This is because any physical movement is better than intense exercising or no movement at all.

Drink Plenty Of Water

I know this is cliche but hey, if it works then it works, right? Drinking plenty of water will hydrate you from the inside out. Not only will all the toxicity be flushed out from your system, but your skin will also get healthier too, and less oily.

To get all this, of course, you’d have to have a monthly or weekly budget to buy your groceries and maybe do meal prep for the week. To help you out with this, you could try making some side income with online slot game Malaysia. But remember, do that at your own risk.


10 Carta Makanan Paling Pedas Di Dunia

November 21, 2019


Ramai jugak yang suka atau tak boleh makan makanan pedas ni. Tetapi bagi sesetengah orang, kalau tak rasa pedas dalam hidangan mereka tak sah, tak sempurna hidup mereka, paling kurang pun nak kena nampak cabai jugak. Jom kita tengok makanan apa yang paling pedas di dunia. Agak-agak korang boleh tahan tak makan makan nie. Tak lelaki la tak makan pedas.

Makanan pedas ni memang digemari penduduk seluruh dunia. Tak kira waktu.

10. Tom Yum – Thailand.

Sup asam pedas dari Thailand ini memang sangat menggoda, aroma yang memikat dan menjanjikan pedas yang menyengat. Variasi dari Tom Yum ini banyak, antara lain adalah Tom Yum Gai (ayam) atau Tom Yum Pla (seafood), rasa pedas yang ada berasal dari cabai yang disebut Thai Bird’s Eye Chilis, air limau nipis dan daun jeruk purut. Garapn menu rasa yang cukup untuk menbuat lidah kita seperti dalam ketuhar.

9. Shrimp Creole – Amerika.

Masakan ini berasal dari Amerika Syarikat bahagian Selatan, dan merupakan comfort food buat mereka yang menyenangi rongga mulut terasa terbakar. Campuarn bahan makanan ini sederhana, seperti cabai, tomato, udang dan ayam, dan rasa pedas makanan ini didapati dari cabai segar dan cayenne pepper

8. Papa a la Huancaina – Peru

Makanan ringan seperti salad kentang, yang berisi kentang rebus dingin, dan disajikan dengan sos Huancaina. Penyajian lengkap makanan ini selalu melibatkan daun selada, buah zaitun hitam, biji jagung, dan potongan telur rebus. Saus Huancaina inilah yang membuatnya ekstra pedas, kerana selain terbuat dari keju, susu kental, garam, salah satu bahannya adalah cabai yang disebut Amarillo chili, pergh…nagis wa cakap lu…

7. Lobak dengan Lada Sichuan – China

Pada umumnya salad disajikan segar dengan sedikit rasa masam, tapi salad yang ini sangat berbeda. Lobak dengan Lada Sichuan (utuh) dan potongan cabai merah. Jadi dalam makanan ini Anda akan menemukan rasa manis, pedas, dan rangup. Memang makanan yang disajikan dengan brilian.. dan membakar.. Cabai yang digunakan? Bird’s Eye Chilis. Jika cabai ini masih kurang, ingat, ada Lada Sichuan. Rasanya, digambarkan dengan menarik, asam-asam pedas. 

6. Bibimbap dengan Kimchi – Korea

Bibimbap? Kimchi? Asing ya.. coba kita lihat satu persatu. Kimchi adalah acar kubis, yang dicampur dengan bawang putih, bawang merah, cabai, dan halia! Pedas? Sudah pasti, panas pula! Masa penapaian acar kubis ini beberapa bulan, jadi bayangkanlah, rasa pedas bawang dan cabai serta halia yang sudah pasti menyengat!

Bibimbap adalah makanan klasik khas korea, yang terdiri dari nasi, sayuran tumis, daging, telur goreng dan.. sambal… Selamat menikmati!

5. Sayap Ayam Suicide – Amerika

Entah kenapa orang Amerika suka banget sayap ayam yang digoreng kering, kemudian dicampur dengan bahan-bahan panas-pedas yang menurut mereka ‘boleh membakar perut’, yang pastinya masih tidak terasa apa-apa di lidah kita. Biasanya bahan-bahan campuran berupa campuran Sos Tabasco, potongan cabai kering, dan cabai segar cincang (semua biji cabeai yang ada dibuang terlebih dahulu)

4. Jerk Chicken – Karibia

Tidak hanya ganas, tapi makanan ini juga nikmat dan sangat menyenangkan. Bahan dicampur khas dari daerah Asia dan Afrika, yang hangat dan beraroma nikmat. All spice, cengkeh, kayu manis, daun bawang, pala, thyme dan bawang putih, semuanya menyumbangkan rasa hangat, yang diperkuat oleh cabai Scotch Bonnet yang dikatakan mampu membuat orang kebingungan setelah menelan, terasa nikmatnya.

3. Wot – Ethiopia

Mungkin orang banyak yang tidak berpikir bahwa Afrika juga ada makanan pedas, jangan silap, Ethiopia terkenal dengan Wot (tumisan). Wot yang paling nikmat seringkali dicampur satu kilo bawang merah dan bawang putih, beberapa ons halia, dan barbere (campuran bahan kering dan cabai kering).

Makanan luar biasa ini dibuat dari sup ayam, yang diberi bahan seperti di atas, dan direbus selama beberapa jam, sampai semua rasa yang ada tercampur rata, dan panas dari cabe dan bahan yang ada juga tidak tertinggal sedikitpun. Setelah masak, makanan ini disajikan di atas piring injera (semacam roti) dan diberi bonus telur rebus.

2. Vindaloo – India

Bayangkan, bahan seperti biji mustard, cabai kering, ketumbar, halia, semuanya ada.

Vindaloo ini pedas, kerana daging yang digunakan dalam masakan ini direndam dalam cuka, yang ditambah bumbu pedas tadi, yang semuanya akan bekerja sama membuat daging yang ada semakin menusuk dan menyengat!

1. Sambal Ulek – Indonesia

Sambal Ulek, sama tak macam sambal belacan, agak-agak mana lagi pedas. Walaupun ia hanya sekadar menu sampingan untuk melazatkan dan membuka selera. Dan ternyata sambal ini 10 kali lebih pedas daripada Thai Bird’s Eye Chili.

Menurut lidah orang barat, sambal ulek ini ultra pedas, dan satu-satunya cara untuk menahan rasa pedasnya, adalah makan makanan lain sebanyak mungkin. 
maaf … aku tak boleh makan pedas … haha …