Dangers of Gambling

March 22, 2021

People perceive gambling addiction to be less harmful because it is not a drug or an alcoholic beverage. However, the fact is that gambling by playing games such as slot casino malaysia will devastate a person’s life. Overdosing does not cause suicide, but it does cause significant harm to people’s well-being and anything associated to them.

We’ve seen firsthand the destruction that gambling can cause. A member of our family battled a gambling addiction. This addiction had a negative effect on many facets of their lives, but one of the most important was their financial condition. From digging a deep hole in debt to stealing cash, there’s a lot you could do. Our family member’s life was so severely impacted by gambling that they are now struggling to rebound from the repercussions.

Because of our own experience of gambling addiction, I decided to raise consciousness about the disorder and the complications that come with it.


  1. Being tight-lipped about gambling – People who have a gambling problem tend to conceal it from others at all times. As a result, they would deceive their families and friends.
  2. Running after losses – Gamblers sometimes blame their defeats on chance. And in order to recoup their losses, they become engrossed in the game. The pit gets deeper as they pursue their losses.
  3. Betting more funds -Gamblers get a surge of dopamine from gambling. Gamblers who are addicted borrow more money in order to get the thrill they want. However, the more they gamble, the more likely they are to lose.
  4. Borrowing dollars – Gambling addicts still find a way to settle their bills, no matter what. They can also borrow money to cover their loans because the compulsion is too intense.
  5. Not able to stop gambling – Despite being aware of the dangers of compulsive gambling, they are unable to control their desire to play.
  6. Gambling to distract – People get addicted to gambling as they use it to relieve themselves from their troubles and tension. For them, it’s more than just movies. It’s as if it’s a way out of their issues.
  7. Performing fraud – To keep cheating, problem gamblers use lies and deceit. To fund their addiction, they engage in criminal activity and misdeeds. 
  8. Getting irritated – When substance abusers or alcoholics are prevented from using drugs or drinking alcohol, they become irritable. Gambling addicts are on the same boat. When they are unable to gamble, they get anxious and irritable.


  1. Financial crisis – The first and most noticeable impact of gambling is on one’s finances. Gamblers would spend all of their savings in order to keep playing, resulting in a financial crash. Addicts also sacrifice or abandon their careers in order to satisfy their gambling addiction. As a result, they are obstructing their primary source of revenue.
  2. Troubled relationships – When gambling becomes an epidemic, not only do investments struggle, but so do relationships. The primary link that ties people together is trust. When people lie about gambling to their families and friends, trust is lost and relationships are severely harmed.   
  3. Health hazards – Gambling addicts are under a great deal of tension. They are concerned about the lies they have said and the financial trap they have dug for themselves. High blood pressure, psychiatric illnesses, insomnia, cardiac attacks, and other ailments may be caused by prolonged high stress. For facts about e-sports betting, click here.

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