Floating Hose Maintenance

April 4, 2021
floating hose maintainence

Floating hoses are utilized on various kinds of water, not like drinking water but like the sea, lake, and even pools of water. They usually amplify loading and unloading of petroleum in harbours, delivering crude oil from an oil rig, transporting potable water, refuelling vessels, delivering dredge spoil from dredgers. The reason to maintain hose is to prevent risk and danger to offshore organizations. It is highly suggested that maintenance is able to sustain with the manufacturer and legislation that may be relevant. Maintaining and examining is often able to safeguard the credibility of marine hoses and expand the assets.

floating hose maintainence

Floating hoses also known as submarine hoses utilize offshore to disclose several hazardous such exteriors splits that was due to the propellers, splits that caused by under the hull of tankers at bert, split or chafing because o the exposure with the rudder, chaffing under the hull of tankers, sudden interaction with sharp metallic structures, marine life attacks and mistakes in storage and maintenance. 

Constant recurring issues will lead to the risks above and cause permanent hose damages or failures of the concerned hoses, increasing operating costs, and future possible terminal downtime. The only time hose repairs occur is when the exterior hose body is visibly damaged. To secure all repairs that last long, it has to be transported out of the area free from humidity and dampness. Places with oil traces, grease traces, and dirt must be frequently cleaned and dried out before it is sent to repairs. Most of the time, the hose lifetime period depends on the geographical location, usage, and the specific condition of each part. It also highly depends on the correct maintenance. 

Only repair hoses of shore when it is necessary and required. Offshore hoses only can be repaired if it is practicable and it will require a long dedicated time for the service. It will also cause long delays in terminal service, Thus, it is vital to plan ahead for offshore hose damage repairs and repair as soon as it could onshore to avoid the worst outcome and a catastrophic phenomenon from happening.

It is highly advised and recommended to regularly do maintenance to sustain the ongoing functionality of the marine hoses. This will always keep the hose string to be functional for oil offloading. This will also ensure the operating life for each hose and optimize the number and type of offshore and offshore interruptions. Floating hose maintenance will manage to progressively stock of remaining part onshore and have the capability to respond to any hose damages or collapse securely and minimizing the possible chaos at the same time. The suggestion will benefit to modify in the operation of particular occurrence and some hoses can last for longer periods. But it might be composite to deal with each hose service life individually.  

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