Heavy Rain in Malaysia

November 22, 2021
Gutter Malaysia

Malaysia faces heavy rain once or twice every year due to the monsoon season. According to the geography of Malaysia, there are two monsoon wind seasons. One is the southwest season starting from late May until September and another one is the northwest season which occurs from October to March. Hence, Malaysia is surrounded by the equator and south china sea making it harder to have a real dry season like summer for example. 

The Northwest season brings a lot more heavy rain compared to the southwest season as it originated in China and came down slowly towards the north side. Both peninsular and insular Malaysia lie at the same tropical latitudes and are affected by the same airstreams. This type of climate change really does leave an impact towards some people in this country. During the monsoon season, heavy rainfalls usually occur and this badly affects the local fisherman and farmers as their sources of income are put on hold until the season passes by. Apart from that, flash floods also happen in certain areas and may lead to some serious accidents and injuries. 

Other than that, the tropical rains usually occur during the afternoon until evening, mainly in the form of downpour and could also turn out to be thunderstorms. However, the weather are quite good in the morning and there were no shortage of sunlight for the plants to process their photosynthesis and living things including humans to start their day. The heavy rain usually happens in southwestern Sarawak and Northwestern Sabah. Not to forget the east side of the peninsula was also the most affected by this monsoon season. Therefore, the weather conditions in Kuala Lumpur are a bit different compared to others. Kuala Lumpur stays humid almost all the time. Kl does experience occasional rainfall but not as much as other states.  

Gutter Malaysia

With the occurrence of this monsoon season and heavy rainfalls each year, the structure of the Malaysian house are specifically designed to handle and prevent any soils from loosening due to the heavy downpour. This is where the ‘Gutter’ plays an important role at your house. The gutter helps in diverting the rainwater from the roof of your house into the public drainage. One thing that needs to be considered is the gutter material. The B304 Stainless-steel are the best gutter in Malaysia. Pros, it will not rust like any other types of gutter and can also be customized with a variety of sizes. Cons, it is expensive. But when it comes to safety and precautions, money doesn’t matter.  

Even though the Malaysian people live in this kind of situation and weather condition, they would all still be able to adapt with this kind of environment that occurs every year and has become their part of life. 

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