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March 12, 2021

With the regime of the community reduced to acquests, the property acquired during the marriage is all common, excluding donation or inheritance.

Buy under the universal community regime for better equity

The universal community regime is an extension of the community reduced to acquests since this contract implies that all property is common to both spouses and belongs to them equally, whether they were acquired before or during the marriage. This is particularly the case with real estate that they acquire jointly: whatever the contribution of each of the spouses, the property belongs to both equally. It is also the plan that offers the best protection to spouses, especially in the event of death. Indeed, when one of the spouses dies, the inheritance is not opened, and all the property goes to the surviving spouse without any inheritance tax to settle. Go for the Bukit Jelutong house for sale or maybe Puteri Puchong condo for sale in this case.

Investing in a home that has worked can be a good deal, provided you correctly assess the amount of the renovation. 

Buying a home with work, a good deal?

Buying a home with work allows you to buy less expensive, but it is about having the time and being able to coordinate everything during the work.

It is obvious that a house or an apartment requiring work has a lower price than an equivalent property that does not require work. The price is supposed to present a discount equivalent to the amount of the work to be done, but it can be higher, in particular, because the goods requiring work find buyers less quickly, and sellers generally do not hesitate to lower the price, likewise, the margin for negotiation is generally greater. Buying a property with work can therefore be interesting from a financial point of view, provided you are fully aware of the extent and price of the work to be done.

In addition to the cost of the work, consider evaluating the cost of a possible relocation during the duration of the work, the move, the furnishings.

Correctly estimate the amount of work

You can easily find your way financially by doing work on a property to renovate, as the purchase price is lower and is generally negotiable, and the amount of the work can also be partly negotiated. On the other hand, it is imperative that you bring in several professionals before buying the accommodation, so that they can make an estimate.

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