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April 24, 2021

Most days of the year the wind blows from the west or northwest. If the smells of the waste incineration plant or the fish factory are coming from this direction, this location is not the best location for a property. That is, it is necessary to weigh whether the property is well located, if it has a swimming pool and garage, if the neighborhood is pleasant, among other points that may not be essential, but may value one property more than another. Choose the condo for rent Bandar Sri Damansara or a condo from Mont kiara at ease now.

Criteria for a good location

Since images cannot be clearly measured or proven, some positive features must be observed. 


Most people find locations that are both central and quiet, like the Bandar Sri Damansara Property to be quite positive for their living standards. The quiet side streets are particularly popular here. Perfect when there are dead ends in the center or near the center, which are mostly only used by the residents and therefore have no through traffic (e.g. 30 km / h zone). Good connections to trunk roads and motorways, the proximity of a train station, and the short distance to work are also important.


How is the connection to local public transport? The question arises less often in the big cities. In peripheral locations, you should check whether the bus or train is still running regularly from 6 p.m. It is perfect if the airport is in the immediate vicinity but cannot be heard. Aircraft noise is often a knockout criterion. Are the main shopping areas within walking distance? What about cultural and leisure activities in the walking or easily accessible area? What about leisure and medical care? How far are kindergarten and school away? Such facilities count for later resale, possibly to a young family.


 It is ideal if the house is in a leafy area, such as a park. If you look out of the window, you would rather see green than the window in front of the house opposite. Check whether it is a purely residential area or are you in a so-called mixed area? Are the commercial units in the immediate vicinity? What is produced there? Can there be odor or noise pollution from commercial operations? Most people consider an old, developed residential area to be more attractive and enjoy a higher reputation than newly built residential areas with little existing structure.


When choosing a location, you should definitely not only look at the street in which you want to buy an apartment in isolation but also include the immediate and somewhat wider surroundings. What’s it like a few blocks away or in the next neighborhood?

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