Signs Of Growth You Should Know

February 28, 2021

The years we have gone through in our lives are truly incredible. Yes, we did go through some struggles and still are, we cried ourselves to sleep and there are times we questioned ourselves why we are being brought to this world. But it has been an amazing journey to being able to reach this point, on this day, at this specific time. Don’t you think so? This can only mean one thing, that you have gone through some critical point of growth in your life and that is one of the major reasons that shaped your character and personality now. Why don’t I share with you some of the signs of growth, so you can identify by yourselves whether you went through growth or not? 

The first sign of growth you should know is that it was so uncomfortable for you to go through a situation. Whether it is a breakup, your fear of being left alone, having a mature conversation with your parents, it could be anything that forces you to repeat that same behavior of begging, or running away from the problem, or not having a confrontation, or manipulating people to compromise with you. That is basically all the situations that you might have gone through and if you survived it, it was hard for you to do it, and you managed to do it, I would say, well done! You passed the first sign. 

The second sign would be the mature understanding and conversation you have with the people around you. You see, maturity does not happen overnight, that is for sure. Maturity comes only after you go through situations that force you to grow. Mature understanding is when you could be empathetic towards other people, meaning you allow yourself to listen and try to comprehend their situation. Meanwhile, the mature conversation is that you are already beyond those empty conversations that only talk about other people’s weaknesses and bad traits. 

Lastly, is you become more appreciative of everything around you. You know that life is not as simple, easy, and long-lasting. There are days where you can be happy without even trying, but there are also days where you just need to cry and feel unsatisfied with how the world works. But in the end, you tend to let it all go and appreciate all the good things you have around you. 

Well, these are some of the signs of growth you should know. These might sound easy to say and explain but trust me the experience was really torturing and I was really scared of rejection and being left alone. Surprisingly, I went through those fears and I am no longer scared, I even enjoyed my time alone, I got to design my room, I even got to apply for an operable partition Malaysia. Maybe you should try it too. You can click here for more related articles.

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