Skills that Stand You Out in Your Job Search

March 13, 2020

Every person at some point in their life would be searching and hunting for jobs to survive. They are lucky that a great amount of job vacancy in Malaysia is still open to many compared to a lot of other countries. Most of them even had to migrate to another country to get a job since their own homeland could not afford the big number of workers. The thing is, even when there are a lot of job vacancies available, there would still be a great sum of competitors fighting and looking for the same thing. So, what you have to do is you need to stand out among the rest of them.

There is no denying the importance of having a set of skills with you in order to get a job. Of course, you need to check beforehand if the skills that you have meets with the job or company’s requirements. Having strong or traditional work-related skills is a huge advantage, but there are other skills that may be just as important. In fact, they might even be more important in some aspects.

This other skill is often referred to as soft skills or intangible skills which are actually the traits that can set you apart from any other potential employees. Sure, workers with strong and awesome technical skills are great for hire, but it can change once you discover that some of those technically proficient employees just lack passion and love for what they were doing and this shows at some point in their career. The good news is that these skills can be applied to almost any job in any field and here are some of the skills that can make you stand out from the crowd of job hunters.

#1 Being optimistic

If you really think about it, of course, every company or employer wants to hire a worker that is optimistic, meaning the person has an attitude that is positive and favourable to others. In the typical sense of the word, being optimistic may be defined as expecting the best possible result from any given situation. After all, who wants to hire a worker that always think of the worst in every complications or obstacle that comes their way and just give up instead of making the absolutely best of the best out of it.

Besides that, optimistic people can help motivate and bring joy back to the team when a certain situation gets rough. They also tend to be quicker when it comes to tackling and handling more difficult tasks that others might even be reluctant to take on. In this case, during your job interview, you can showcase a positive attitude because this will make the potential employer sees how enthusiastic you are about the job.

It can get super tough when you are applying for jobs and not hearing anything back from the company. You can get really frustrated, nervous, and even get one or two mental breakdowns. What you can do is firstly, calm down. Next time, you can try really hard to show your optimism throughout the process, from cover letters to the interview session. Optimism really does make a difference, it really stands out to employers.

#2  Stay kind

Yes, you can never go wrong with being kind to everyone, not only to your future employer or co-workers but every other people as well. Think that merciless character can get you sprinting fast towards the job search finish line? Well, you better think again! This trait of being kind does bring out the best in you and it can go a long way in winning over your hiring recruiter. When you are kind and it shows from the bottom of your heart, the person-in-charge of hiring might feel that sincerity.

But this does not mean that you get a chance to give no mercy to others. I really mean my words when you have to be kind to everyone, even with the security guard that gave you the building pass or the receptionist who gave you a face and immediately ushers you to come inside. If you are rude to others, believe it or not, even when you are not realizing it, words can get around pretty quickly. You don’t want to negatively lessen your chance of getting hired.

#3 Show your curiosity

When an employer hires a new worker, for sure they want that person to feel excited about the opportunity to work for that particular company. But of course, they want the new worker to show genuine interest in the job as well. The employer wants to see that you are passionate about the job position on the whole, like what it has to offer and other components of it as well. After all, every employer wants their workers to never stop learning and have plans to stay with the company in order to grow with the position.

You can start showing your curiosity and interest even during the interview. Show and explain to the hiring manager that you have done your research about the company beforehand. Also, let them see how you can fit the job they are hiring for into the bigger picture. Ask thoughtful questions to the interviewer that does not just include the typical ones like the amount of your salary. Try to go beyond the basics because this is not only a job search tactic. By asking more in-depth, curious questions, you might be getting inside information that can further help you decide whether or not this is the right job position for you.

#4 Follow-up from time to time

Everybody who has been on a job hunt, their tasks on a daily basis might typically consist of reading the list of companies, revising and updating your resume and cover letter, then finally sending in your application. The next step should be the following up method. For this, you have to wait for at least a week or two, then get back on any outstanding applications that you have not heard back.

Some job seekers find that following up is a tricky thing to do. They believe that if a company is interested in you, they would reach out to you themselves. For some, they might be scared to bother the potential employer. The thing is, you never know what can happen to your application right after hitting that send button. What if the application got accidentally deleted? Or maybe you thought that your application has no problem going through, but what if your computer glitched and your email never even went through. By the time you realize it, it might already be too late.

Believe it or not, following up can actually be a good quality to some prospective employer. It shows that you are really interested in that job position and have the courage to pursue it professionally.

#5 Being trainable

Above all, when you are applying for jobs, you have to be able to present yourself to the hiring employer as someone who is able to completely do the job. You have to put your best foot forward but that said, you also do not want to look like you are a know-it-all, which can give a totally different impression to your prospective employer. It could be a big turn off and you might never hear back from them ever afterwards.

That is why you should know how to present your skills and past experiences properly to the hiring manager without sounding like a been-there-done-that kind of person. You have to prove it to them in a way that you are truly qualified for the job position and eager to learn about the new things that the position has to offer, as well as learning the policies or practices that the company has in order to be a successful employee for the company, too.

All in all, those are some of the skills that can make you stand out from other potential candidates in your job search, that if you try to at least possess them. You can make use of these skills not only to hunt for jobs but really, for your life too. Trust me.

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