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What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

February 11, 2022
Universiti Terbaik Untuk Kursus Pembantu Perubatan

Medical assistants are generally responsible for obtaining medical records from patients. Demand for medical assistants continues to grow, especially in the US, where nursing shortages have meant that many doctors’ offices have relied more on medical assistants to perform basic tasks such as first contact with a patient, taking blood pressure or medical history, and, possibly perform some tests such as ultrasound or blood tests. A medical assistant career does depend on their qualifications, education, and the needs of a specific medical practice from the universiti terbaik untuk kursus pembantu perubatan. They often have dual roles, both in administrative work and in working with patients.

Some medical assistants also perform secretarial functions.

The medical assistant may need certification or training. Some hold associate degrees and others may have completed training programs at vocational colleges or even high schools. Others are not formally educated, but are trained by other staff in the office. State laws within each state govern the degree of education required for a medical assistant to perform certain tasks, such as drawing blood. Additional training or certification may be required for those who have the most practical contact with patients. Some medical assistants are licensed by the American Association of Medical Assistants and become certified assistants or CMAs. Licensing can help earn a higher salary in this often underpaid field.

Universiti Terbaik Untuk Kursus Pembantu Perubatan

The type of work you do can vary from office to office, but a typical list of duties includes the following:

  • Front Office
  • Secretarial work
  • Contacting insurance companies
  • Answering phones and
  • making appointments Placing orders
  • Greeting patients
  • Pulling and filing patient records
  • Call or fax prescriptions
  • Converting graphs to electronic charts
  • Back Office
  • Follow up patients to rooms
  • Weighing patients
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Taking medical histories
  • Listening to or asking patients about current health issues or the topic of alarm for this visit
  • Helping physicians with medical process
  • Injecting or drawing blood
  • Clarify physician orders with a patient
  • Patients usually meet with a medical assistant before meeting a physician.

A front-line employee can be called a medical assistant, and technically it isn’t. They are often talented secretaries or receptionists, excellent at communicating with people and good at reading medical documentation. Other times, a medical assistant may perform some of the secretarial work and administrative functions. Sometimes, medical offices do not employ medical assistants, but instead choose to hire nurses to do all the administrative work.

Some medical assistants can draw blood from patients for testing.

Since requirements for medical care vary, a patient may not always know the skills and level of training of the medical assistant. Patients should know that neither medical assistants nor nurses, unless they are nurses, can diagnose problems or prescribe medication. As you are a paying customer in any doctor’s office, you can certainly ask if you doubt the experience of a medical assistant for a doctor or nurse to perform any type of medical procedure, i.e removing stitches, clearing your throat for strep, giving injections. This may not endear you to a particular assistant, but it is certainly within your right to ask.

Universiti Terbaik Untuk Kursus Pembantu Perubatan