What to know after having a newborn?

July 20, 2021
newborn starter pack

Babies are adorable! Everybody seems to love them a little too much, from their smells to how small their fingers are. Everything about babies is magical, especially newborns. However, taking care of newborns is not that easy. They are a lot of tips and tricks on how to manage this newborn that is so fragile to everything in this world.


newborn starter pack

For 9 months they have been living in the safeness and comforts of their mother’s womb. Their world revolves around that womb and the sound of waters in it. All of a sudden they are being exposed to this strange world that is loud, big and so spacious for them. How scary and traumatizing that can be for these newborn babies. 

These are some of the tips you need to know, right after having a newborn baby. 

1. Avoid touching from strangers

Babies are known to be fragile with everything. Imagine how fragile a newborn can be! Everything is dangerous and harmful to this small creature. It can be tempting to kiss and touch their delicate small cheeks. However, our hands carried billions of bacterias that can put this newborn in harm. To us, it might be nothing but it is a different case for them as they have not built their own immune system yet. 

If you want to hold them, please make sure that your hands are washed and clean, maybe use a hand sanitizer if you need it. This will at least protect them from the bacterias and infections that can attack them. 

2. Be gentle

If you have ever seen or hold a newborn, you will know how delicate they are. That is why it is important to know the right techniques to hold them. Because while holding them, we have to support their neck and head. Most of the time, new parents will be taught by experts how to handle their newborns correctly. 

Other than having to support their neck and head, please remember not to shake or be aggressive with them. Most newborns haven’t developed a strong and dense bone yet. That is why they are so delicate and soft. 

Not being gentle with them can cause unwanted incidents such as permanent disabilities or in some worst cases will lead to fatal. 

3. Baby seat

After staying at the hospital, of course, we want to bring our baby home. The ride from the hospital to our home can be a new scary experience for mothers. To make sure your baby is safe, putting them in a secure suitable car seat is important. 

Investing in a good car seat is important for every parent because a good car seat can be used for a really long time. Choose a car seat that you can change differently according to your child’s age. This is because as they are growing older, they will learn how to seat properly. A good car seat can be altered suitably to their needs.

4. They sleep a lot!

You will be surprised at how much this newborn needs to sleep per day. Considering that they are just born and have nothing to do, newborns sleep about 16 hours or more each day. 

You might ask why the need to sleep such a long hour? Well, this is because they need to adjust to the new life, and also being born can be traumatizing for these infants. 

Since newborns sleep a lot, it is important to know that you have to place them on their back and also avoid using too many pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. I know it can be tempting to see them being surrounded, bundled up, and looking all cute. However, this can leads to suffocation and sudden infants death. 

Also, placing the newborn in their own crib can also help to avoid such unwanted incidents to happen. This is because taking care of newborns can be exhausting to new parents and sometimes during sleep we would not realize that we are suffocating them. 

Yes, taking care of a newborn can be exhausting. However, this is one of the most magical experiences that every couple would want to experience in their life. Every step you take will be new knowledge and memories for you and your newborn baby. With the help of a newborn starter pack from Pigeon, you will do a great job at taking care of your newborn baby. 

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