Why Are Traditional Chinese Medicines Popular Today

May 5, 2021

With the development of technology advancing at a rapid pace, humanity is able to combat and cure some of the most lethal diseases such as measles, cancer, flu and many more. We have advanced so far that we are able to develop cybernetic prosthetics to help in normalizing the life of those with missing body parts. Despite that, some people still rely on medications from the old ways, mainly Proganic liver Chinese medicine Malaysia. Although it is not a sure-fire method of preventing most deadly diseases like the coronavirus, these medicines help to improve your body by “cleansing the impurities” and improve your overall health. This is why you would see some general stores have a separate section to sell herbs as it is still popular among both Chinese and non-Chinese alike.

There are various reasons to why people today are still relying on Chinese medicines:

  1. Improving The Control Of Qi

You might have heard of qi in Chinese kung fu dramas or movies and they are treated as one’s life force that can be controlled. In some movies, qi is used as the main motive in enhancing one’s physical capabilities. Although it doesn’t necessarily affect your physical capabilities, qi is actually involved in improving your body. The liver is one of the main organs in the body that is involved in circulating the blood flow within the body, but as you continue to age, you will develop many problems that would disrupt the flow. By consuming herbs and using certain traditional Chinese practices, they will help to improve the blood flow as well as providing health benefits.

  1. Prevention Is The Best Cure

As the saying goes: “Prevention is the best cure”, which the Chinese medicine is known for being best at. Although most medicines in the west are known for treating diseases, Chinese medicines are used to prevent them. Despite that, people should not solely rely on Chinese medication to solve most of their illnesses and seek professional help from doctors.

  1. Balancing Yin And Yang

Yin and yang plays a major role in Chinese culture as they represent the duality of man. Yin is represented as dark energy, which also represents cold, negative and feminine while Yang represents light energy with warm, positive and manliness. By consuming certain herbs, it can balance or further enhance an aspect of yin and yang along with other methods such as cupping, acupuncture, and tai chi.

Of course, affording such medications can be extremely costly. For a ginseng root, it can go over a hundred ringgit easily and the quality can further increase the price. However, this would cause some hardcore Chinese medicine enthusiasts to fall for scams. Although there are debates that question the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicines, there are talks about these medicines and its methods being approved by the World Health Organization. In the near future, traditional Chinese medicines will be used along with modern medicines to improve one’s health even more. Alternatively, we should develop a healthy exercise and diet routine to maintain our health.

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