You’ve Been Wearing It Wrong! Here Are The Correct Ways To Use Sheet Mask

February 22, 2021

The year 2020 has not been kind to us as the whole nation is plagued with the COVID-19 pandemic which limits everything that used to be our norms for an opening to the new ones. We are ought to comply with social distancing laws, wear masks whenever we are out and about and do frequent sanitization. Quarantining ourselves at home may lower the risk of virus spreading and infection, however there is no doubt that being stuck at home all day would definitely pull you into boredom, but self-quarantine can actually drive you to do something new just to fill the time. If you’re in need of change when it comes to your favourite drinks, here are three drinks you should DIY without spending too many bucks on it.

After a long day working with your lowest spread forex broker, your skin would feel dry and craves for a special kind of rest. Pop on a sheet mask as your go-to facial spa (without the big bucks). But have you ever wondered if you wear it right?

Here are 4 corrects ways to fix your mistakes on using sheet mask:

1)   Use Sheet Mask According To Instructed Time

Wearing a sheet mask for too long or using it overnight can actually worsen your skin. This is because the sheet mask will dry up as time passes and, if worn for too long, reverse osmosis will occur and the moisture will be sucked back out of the skin into the dry mask. Your skin needs all the moisture to keep it hydrated, so it is important to not sleep with your mask on.

2)   Fix The Mask Properly On Your Face

The small slits on your mask is compulsory to give the best experience of skin enhancement as the shape of the face mask can contribute more than you think. Make good use of the cut-outs and place the mask until every inch of your skin is in contact with the mask for optimal results.

3)   Tap, Tap, And Tap!

Your hands are a natural tool for your products to melt under your body heat and absorb into the layers of your skin effectively. After taking off your sheet mask, tap the essence with the warmth of your hands until there is no more wetness left on the skin. Tapping your hands on your face can also improve blood circulation which can bring up the youthful look if done regularly.

4)   Sheet Mask Is Not The Final Step Of Your Skin Regime

Although the essence from the mask is nourishing enough, it can eventually dry out and leave your skin lacking something. After tapping your face until the essence is fully absorbed, lather your favourite moisturizer as your last step of your routine to lock the moisture to your skin.

Mistakes happen and best not to repeat it again for the sake of your skin’s wellbeing. Follow these steps and your skin will thank you!

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